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To be consistent, my prices are usually based on size. Just note the size of the piece and then refer to the price list on this page.  The prices of some pieces, however, may vary due to their complexity, or simplicity.

If there is no size, that piece is no longer available, but shown for display only.

Pet portraits.... home portraits....... landscapes close to your heart....
If you have an idea, I can paint it.

Quality  materials are used.

Please contact the artist for existing originals.

Prints and cards are available through: 

Facebook: Fine Art by Anda 


 Estimated Price List for
 Original Work

8 x 10............$150
9 x 11 or 12...$175
10 x 12 .........$200
11 x 14 .... ....$250
12 x 16 ........$300
14 x 18.........$350
12 x 24........ $400
16 x 20.........$450
18 x 22.........$500
18 x 24.........$550
20 x 24.........$600
22 x 30.........$700
24 x 36 ........$900

Standard sizes are shown.
Other sizes are available.
Prices are the same for paintings on 
a board or stretched canvas.
I collaborate closely with you to capture the unique images you seek. I offer a variety of different choices, accommodating your wishes/ needs. 

Some good images/ photos of a subject are needed to help to convey what we are trying to capture in the art. Photos should include all the detail that you want to appear in the painting. They should show poses and angles that you like best. Natural lighting is also best, as is shows the truest colours of the subject. Bright sun or flash should be avoided.

I offer work of any size, having experience working from miniatures (2" X 3") to larger 3' x 5' canvases.
Subject matter could be anything you choose: wildlife, pets, your home, garden, favourite place, places from travel that hold special memories, etc. You name it.
I have a tentative price-list to give an idea of ranges of sizes and subject variations. 
Prices are based on the following criteria:

                                                Size Full Body with                        Full Body with                               Head only 
                                               scenic background                       plain background

              11" x 14"                           $400                                             $300                                             $250

              16" x 20"                           $600                                             $500                                             $450 

              18" x 24"                           $700                                             $600                                             $550

                                                 Please add 10% for each additional subject per canvas.

This is a general guide, based on common frame sizes. Other sizes can be done, and multiple subjects can also be arranged. ( A 6 horse hitch is an example.) Prices and criteria are negotiated depending on your needs and budget.  Payment plans can also be arranged.

If planning a portrait of a property, the price would likely be in the first column, depending on the amount of detail involved.

Just send me a picture and some details of your idea for a complimentary consultation. I'll get right back to you. Below are just some examples of some past commissions. 

Estimated time of completion is usually within one month.
XXX absolutely loved the painting. It really captured the mood of the day the picture was taken. The realism is fantastic and you are almost expecting to see the puppy step out of the painting and come to you. The painting was the perfect Christmas gift.
It's currently hanging on the wall in the bedroom so when he gets up it's one of the first things he sees........Susan. 


Thank you so much for paying so much attention to all the little details! It was a pleasure working with you, and I just love the painting. You've really captured our special boy........ S.B.


I have several of Anda's paintings and enjoy each one of them. I have had more compliments on the one Anda did of myself in the cart with my Belgian mare Chloe. Keep on painting Anda.......... Laurel


"I just picked up a beautiful painting that Anda finished of my wonderful dog, Maggie. Seeing the painting in person was breathtaking and brought tears to my eyes! Your talent is incredible. I absolutely love it. She took one last ride with me in the car, in the front seat as the co-pilot. The picture will always remind me of how truly blessed I was to have her as my friend, and of the paw prints she left on my heart. Thank you ever so much. .......Yvonne <3 <3 <3"


Thank you so much for my painting It is so beautiful and I hope to enjoy it for many years. What I like most about your work is that it is a moment in time, that you can look at the painting and dream past it. It is a recognizeable situation that makes me remember doing exactly that as a teen.
.....I love it! .....Nancy
 I can't tell you how in love My Husband & I are with this painting - We can't stop looking at it - You captured her essence so well - you have no idea - I swear her eyes come alive - Its absolutely amazing - I'm speechless - Thank you so so much - We'll treasure this thru eternity !!! 

I fell in love instantly and I just wanted to reach out to let you know how much I cherish the painting and how lucky I feel to be the very proud owner. Thank you so much for sharing your art,
Ways to Contact Me:

e-mail:       pkett1@gmail.com ​

Facebook: Anda Kett or "Fine Art by Anda" where all work is visible in separate albums, and where prints 
or cards are also available to easily purchase through "Fine Art of America" connection.

phone: 519-428-7515  or   519-428-5072

Thank you for visiting. Please feel free to contact me, with questions, comments or requests. 

Please come back again to see the latest! 

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