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Mute swan.  Thanks to Phil Gould for the reference photo.
             Mute Swan Taking Off
                        18 x 24
My horse grazing.
Barra Lea Team of Clydesdales.
My german shepherd Lucy, and English Springer Spaniel Micki.
        Barra Lea Team Hitch                            12 x 24
Home/ About Anda
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Tacking up in Hollandische Manege in Amsterdam.
The Animal & People  Gallery
mallards resting in the park in Simcoe
In the Shadows
     11 x 14
Pulling Partners #1
          16 x 20
Percherons at work.
A Canadian Cowgirl doing her routine.
Ducks from Simcoe's waters.
Percherons, 4 abreast.
Percherons, 4 abreast.
Percherons, 4 abreast.
This young clydesdale is known to all in our area. He lived alone, with the exception of some chickens and ducks.  His barn burnt down some time ago, and the owner was so bombarded with questions of the well-being of this guy, that he put a sign on the road saying he was OK.
He crossed the bridge  in 2014.
Belgians, 4 abreast.
Belgians at work in harness.
Percheron, "Chrissie".
Percheron, horse portrait
Belgian, horse portrait
4 abreast Belgians, view from  the driver's seat.
Percheron, horse portrait
Most pieces below are available. 

Original acrylic paintings.  Use the size shown to determine its price. 

Price chart is on the Services/Contact page.
Belgian, part of a 6 horse hitch
        Pulling Power
           18 x 22
clydesdale, horse
 SOLD / no longer available
single carriage, clydesdale
Belgian, horse, halter class
Champion Belgian
     16 x 20
wolf portrait
labrador, commission
dog portrait, labrador, puppy
To see more of Anda's work, go to  "Fine Art by Anda" on Facebook.
Belgian, horse, yearling, painting

I went on a beautiful trail ride in Southern Alberta in the Waterton Lakes area.   This painting depicts that wonderful experience.  
360 View
12 x 24
              The Calm After the Storm
                             12 x 48
   Won 3rd Prize at the Norfolk ArtsCo Visual Art Competition 
​   Winner of "People's Choice Award" 

Paint Reflections
        8 x 10
Into the Sun
    8 x 10
11 x 14
Jasper  (Artist's Collection)
                    "Girl Power"   
                           20" x 40"

Honourable Mention
Norfolk Artsco Visual Art Competition, 2013

12" x 24"

Sea Otter 
 4 x 6
​"People's Choice Award" winner
Norfolk ArtsCo Visual Art Competition, 2014
Morning Walkabout
         18 x 24
Pick a Prize
    22 x 28
Amongst Trilliums
       24 x 36
Sleigh Ride
11 x 14  
  another version is 24 x 36"
20 x 20
Mr & Mrs Fluffybutts
12 x 12

12 x 16
Chicken in a Tree
12 x 12
Mr & Mrs Fluffybutts #2
12 x 12
It's a Trick!
11 x 14
Snow! When Chickens Fly
12 x 24
Deep Breath!
10 x 20
Merry Christmas Kitten
16 x 20
Little Lambs Eadivy
11 x 14